Charles is a retired engineer who has taken great pride in designing and modifying the home where he raised a family. He has lived in this home for 47 years, and enjoyed hobbies such as woodworking before a stroke hindered his abilities significantly. He has a son who lives nearby and works as a hospice nurse (a point of pride for Charles), and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Charles lives alone in his home. Despite profound hearing loss, Charles has enjoyed staying connected with the larger world through his use of his computer and communicates via email wherever possible. After his stroke, Charles has found it difficult to maintain his home. A leaking toilet has caused his basement to be flooded and shorted out his water heater. He has been living without hot water for months before contacting Habitat.

Lone Rock 2021

HFHWRA has contracted with a biohazard cleaning company, Bio-One, to address the flooded basement in hopes they can then utilize grant funds to address the plumbing issues in Charles' home. They are also working with county services to address accessibility issues that will allow Charles to remain safe and healthy in his home.

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"With God all things are possible, so I put my trust in him. My girls are growing up and I just want to show them that they can do whatever their hearts desire as long as they allow God to lead them."

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