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Wyocena Build
Completed 2021

Home Dedication Videos

Introduction (Akira, December 16th, 2020)


My name is Akira and my husband, Michael and I were accepted into the program for the Wyocena build in August of 2020. We applied because we knew it would be one of our only shots for owning a home anytime in the near future. We were paying a rent so high that other basic necessities like food, and healthcare were pushed to the back burner. This program has changed our lives and given us hope for the future. There are many times where Michael and I will drive by the build-site to daydream about our puppies playing in the yard, how we would have a place for family to stay and visit with us, or even having room for possible children one day. It sounds silly but those are images we never even allowed ourselves to imagine because that reality seemed so unobtainable and far off for a long time. Habitat for Humanity granted us an opportunity to change our future and I'm grateful for all the staff that has guided us to where we are now.


I was quite nervous when we began this journey because I felt like I did not know much on the process of building a home and was intimated by all the knowledgeable volunteers. But Bill, Larry, Herb and Joe have been so patient and kind to me that I know that I can handle most tasks thrown at me. So far we have learned how to seal windows, install vinyl siding, put together a railing system and many more skills I never imagined I would know how to do. The experience I have gained in such a short amount of time has been amazing. Everyday that I show up to the build site I feel more and more confident in what I'm doing. The first week I could not even tell you what an impact drill was and how that was different from any other tool! I look forward to learning even more as time goes on.


On a last note, I just want to say that Michael and I both greatly appreciate all the volunteers and the hard work that they put in. Especially now with the colder weather, it has not gone unnoticed. Thank you.