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Home Energy Savers

Learn About the Program

           The Home Energy Program is designed to be a collective tool to lower utility bills. We aim to partner with homeowners to find small, practical, and affordable ways to reduce energy and water bills. Many of the upgrades are very low cost and provide immediate benefits and pay for themselves within months. We focus on bringing many small changes that add up to big impacts in reducing energy usage and utility bills. Past Efficiency upgrades include:

  • LED lightbulb replacements : uses 1/8th the electricity as an incandescent

  • Plastic Wrapping Old Windows: reduces drafts and keeps heat inside

  • Cleaning Dryer Vents: lowers risk of fire and workload of dryer

  • Refrigerator Coil Cleaning: improves operational efficiency

  • and, much more . . . .


1211 8th Street,

Baraboo, WI 53913


(608) 448-2888


Connect with Us to Schedule an Assessment or Learn More!

Since beginning in October 2023 we have partnered with local residents to save:

in Utility Costs



Average Yearly Savings

in Electricity

4665 kWh

Learn About the Bike Bus

          The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to, “build homes, communities, and hope”. Through the energy efficiency program we are aiming to promote community-building and clean transportation by encouraging students to bike to school. The bike bus consists of a group of students biking together to school along a predetermined route with parents and volunteers. Bicycling promotes sustainability, independence, socialization, physical activity, and educational success. A bike bus is a collective and safe way to navigate the streets to school. If you are a parent of a student at Al Behrman Elementary School in Baraboo please contact us to register or learn more about the event.


School Bike Bus

The Clothesline Project

USGA-22-RJ-280-01740 (1).jpg

          Did you know? Clothes Dryers can consume anywhere from $0.28 to $0.84 per one hour dry cycle. With a clothesline you can avoid this cost and save as much as $40 during summer! Consider getting a clothesline through Habitat for Humanity to help reduce the energy costs of running the dryer. The cost to build a clothesline is $75, repaying your investment in 2 years. After 2 years, the energy savings repay the cost of the clothesline. Every dollar saved after the initial 2 years is a dollar earned. If you are interested, contact us to register or learn more about this project and how to register!

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