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Please note that we are not currently accepting applications

Thank you for your interest in our program and for your patience. Because we are in the midst of finishing a Habitat home build and fundraising for future projects, we have temporarily suspended applications for our homeownership program. Please check back here for future updates.

If you are seeking housing help immediately, please call your local housing authorityYou may also want to look into the USDA 502 Single Family Housing Loan program. 

If you have any questions about the program in the meantime, you can read more below or contact us.


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Habitat home ownership is a hand up, not a handout


We believe in the positive power of affordable home ownership. Owning a home is an excellent way to put down roots in a community, to have a healthy place to live that you can call your own, and to provide your family with strength, self-reliance, and stability.

HFHWRA offers affordable home ownership by partnering with the community to build quality, energy efficient homes using as much donated labor and materials as possible. We then sell the homes to qualified applicants with zero-interest mortgages and affordable monthly payments based on income.

House design: HFHWRA is not a custom home builder. Our homes are designed to focus on providing simple, decent housing that “fits” the household size and accessibility needs. The homes are very energy efficient to save you money far into the future.  The house design guidelines will be explained in more detail during the full application process.  




for affordable housing

A need for affordable housing means you are unable to obtain adequate housing through conventional means, and your current housing includes issues such as:

  • rent is too high, or

  • housing is overcrowded, or

  • it is inaccessible,  or

  • neighborhood is unsafe, or

  • there are health &  safety issues due to poor maintenance.



to partner with Habitat

Our program is possible thanks to community support, and Habitat home buyers are expected to contribute 250 hours of volunteer labor to support our mission.   

This “sweat equity” does more than help to make the home affordable—it creates a positive community and offers the skills & knowledge you'll need to be a successful homeowner.



an affordable mortgage

You must have a steady source of income to be able to repay your mortgage loan and your annual property taxes/insurance (see chart below for current income guidelines). 

Applicants should also have decent credit and a history of paying bills on time with no outstanding liens or judgments. 

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Schreiber Group Shot After Raising Truss

NOTE: Income limits below are related to gross (before tax) income using any source of steady income including wages, SSI, Social Security, child support, etc.

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