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New Houses

Our 2022 Reedsburg Builds!

Meet Mike & Jess

Meet Micah & Ashley

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Bull Smith family

Mike and Jess have been living in Reedsburg for more than 5 years along with son Evan, age 13 and daughters Willow & Harper, ages 2 and 11 months. Their apartment is too small for the growing family, causing them to keep baby Harper in their bedroom with them while daughter Willow sleeps in the living room.

Even with this small space, the constantly rising rent prices are making it hard to afford housing. Safety has been a constant concern, keeping them from allowing their children to play outside.


“We just want a place that can give us the peace of mind and stability that we need to move our family ahead. Building a house will not only help build pride in our home it will give us a learning and bonding experience for both our family and community that we just do not have now.”

Micah, Ashley, and their 3 boys have been living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Reedsburg since 2015. While they are grateful to have a roof over their heads, they outgrew their current home long ago.  They have tried moving several times but due to life and other circumstances, they have had to stay where they are.


In 2016 just after his 5th birthday, their oldest son was hospitalized at American Family Children's Hospital. After multiple hospitalizations, they learned their son has multiple serious health issues including chronic kidney disease. They continue to work with the doctors that helped to save their son so that he can have as normal of a childhood as possible.

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The family is quite excited to start building their home. Marcus and James are picking out the colors for their rooms and are excited to have a yard to safely play in with their friends. Thomas is not quite old enough to have an opinion but the family is sure he will be ecstatic as well.

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