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Portage Build Home Dedication

Virtual Build 2020

We surpassed our goal of $12,000!

Our Virtual Build fundraising event was a success! Your donations contributed to the completion of the Lloyd Family's home. We are thankful for everyone's ability to give, and your commitment to serving your community!

Thank you to our donors!

Jade and her 3 young children were unable to find decent affordable housing in the city where she worked and the children attended school. They  had had to move back in with her parents, who lived in a rural community north of the city, following her divorce. Because of Jade’s work schedule, she often found herself driving more than 4 hours a day to and from the city of Portage to take the children to and from school, while also working long hours at the job she had held – and loved – for more than 6 years.

Jade first came to Habitat for Humanity to participate in our free Home Buyer’s Club financial education program. She was paired with a financial coach, a Habitat volunteer who works in the lending industry, to develop a budget and spending plan. Jade quickly demonstrated a strong understanding of the core tenets of sound financial health, as well as a determination to meet her goals through hard work and perseverance. Habitat celebrated her graduation from the program in June of 2019, as well as her acceptance into Habitat’s homeownership program.

In March 2020 Habitat hosted a groundbreaking ceremony with Jade and her children in preparation of her upcoming home build. As Jade spoke to the crowd, she used the word “safe” again and again; that she dreamed of a home where her children were safe and secure, and that she looked forward to building that home in partnership with Habitat.

Jade is an exceptionally bright and determined young woman, and beloved in her community. She has been working on site every moment she can, spending her days off and vacation time to complete 75 hours of sweat equity in just a few weeks.

Jade truly personifies Habitat’s mission to provide “a hand up, not a handout”. We are proud to be her partner in the journey to permanent, affordable homeownership.

Jade is thankful for the love and support from her family and friends, church, coworkers, and the Habitat community. The help she received along this journey was more than she ever imagined.

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Thank You to Our Donors and Contractors!

Item/Service Area
ABC Supply
Siding, Windows, etc.
Better Gutters
Bathroom Fan-Light
Burt's Customs
City of Portage
Land Aquisition
Classic Cabinetry
Columbia County
Contractor Supply of Baraboo
Roof Trusses
Country Plumber
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